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Christopher Columbus

Hey there people. Today I will be talking about Christopher Columbus and how he was a arrogant jerk, a ruthless killer, and a HUGE lier.

Part 1
But before we get to that, let me introduce some basic facts about him. His Primary goal was to sail west to Asia, and then around the globe. However he kinda failed, and instead discovered America. Columbus was born in 1951 in Genoa (Present day Italy). He developed an early love for the sea, as he spent his youth sailing and stuff. In 1477, he moved to Lisbon, and worked for a Portuguese merchant fleet. He then married a rich Portuguese woman, obviously just for her money and to obtain charts of portuguese holdings, which was his first act of jerkiness. Columbus wanted to be the hero of Portugal by finding a direct sea route to Asia (for trade and maritime superiority). When the Portuguese declined, Columbus went to the Spanish royals to ask them for funding. It took years to convince them, but he eventually did.

Part 2
In reality Columbus was a mass murderer who almost wiped out an entire race of people that he had know right over. His discovery of America led him to think that the area could be used for the Portuguese. In the name of the catholic church, and by ‘following’ the order of his government, Columbus basically created a huge downward spiral of genocide nearly wiping out the entire native American race. And for this very act, he was highly commended. Nothing wrong here at all, eh?

Part 3
When he first arrived at America, Columbus wrote in a diary about his discoveries. One might think that the things he wrote were good things, as he constantly said he was hopeful that these people could take up christianity. However this is nonsense, because what he really meant was that they looked like they could be easily manipulated and enslaved. Columbus took advantage of their lack of experience in trade, and gave them glass and other worthless things in return for gold and other valuable things. Another villainous act.

Part 4
On his second voyage to America, Columbus was told by both Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain to treat the natives kindly. Of course Columbus did not listen, and when he could not find anything of value to take back with him, he began to export the slaves in great numbers. There was literally no way the indians could escape enslavement. Columbus liked to torture, terrorize and kill them for fun. As it was a great source of profit, Ferdinand and Isabella did not rebuke him. Usually, by the time the slaves got back to spain though, nearly one third of them were dead. When they died, Columbus’s crew would just toss them into the ocean. A bit much for one man’s desire for glory, huh?

Christopher Columbus is in no way a hero. All he did was encounter unknown lands while trying to get to Asia. He even failed to complete his initial goal of finding a commercially viable route to Asia by traversing the western oceans. He died thinking that he had achieved this. Instead, his so called great accomplishment was the destruction of an entire population. How is that heroic?









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